We can handle ALL of your electrical needs!


           We have highly qualified & professional Technicians.  Our Technicians are licensed, insured, continuous education programs, safety program, background check, yearly drug testing and they are dedicated to insure your needs are satisfied in an efficient, safe, timely manner and at an affordable cost.  We strive for the best service and to provide top quality parts and workmanship.


          ♦         Outlets and Circuits                                                                         

          ♦         Code Corrections

          ♦         High-Tech Troubleshooting

          ♦         Emergency Stand-by Generators                                                                      Pole Setting

          ♦         Specialty Receptacles

          ♦         Ceiling Fan Installation

          ♦         Smoke Detectors

          ♦         Ballast / Lamp Replacement

          ♦         Lighted Sign Repair                                                             

          ♦         Outdoor Lighting

          ♦         Lighting Contactors

          ♦         Dedicated Circuits

          ♦         220 Volt Circuits                                                                                                  Service Panel

          ♦         3 Phase Circuits                                                                                                  Upgrades

          ♦         Parking Lot Lighting                                                   

          ♦         Stadium Lighting

          ♦         New Construction

          ♦         Remodeling

          ♦         Rewires

          ♦         SERVICE PANEL UPGRADES                                          

          ♦         COMPLETE POLE SETTING

          ♦         SECURITY LIGHTING                                                                                          Security

          ♦         Arc Fault Protection                                                                                               Lighting

          ♦         Dimmer Switches                                                                                                                      

          ♦         Aluminum Re-wiring Corrections                                         

          ♦         Hot Tub & Spa Circuits

          ♦         Whole House Surge Protection

          ♦         Exhaust Fans

          ♦         TRACK & ACCENT LIGHTING                                                                          Track & Accent

          ♦         GENERATORS                                                                                                    Lighting















J. M. WALTERS & SON, JMW CONTRACTORS, JMW ELECTRIC is a LOCAL DEALER for KOHLER.  Give us a call on any Generator installations & repairs, starting from Home up to Industrial size Generators.  We have the Technicians with the knowledge, training & education to perform these services. 



  RESIDENTIAL:  We all understand that power outages can

        happen at anytime, due to bad weather, surges in the

       power lines, transformers exploding.  Sometimes the outages

       can last a few hours, sometimes days or even weeks. 

       Don’t sit in the dark wondering how long!  You can be

       prepared by letting us install a Stand-by Home Generator,

       that will automatically switch on and immediately restore

       power to your home or business. Call Now and receive a

       FREE Quote, with NO HASSLE.    Click on photo to view a

      Presentation on home stand-by generators.                                                                                                                             










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